NUTBUSTER 1:12 Action Figure 1:12 Scale Mech Suit + Pilot Action Figure


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The TEQ63 “NUTBUSTER” returns with a vengeance, now in our 1:12 Scale Action Figure BULLETPUNK Universe!

14 Inches / 36 cm tall with 6 points of articulation, the 1:12 NUTBUSTER is our biggest and greatest action figure release to date!

Our TEQ63, GOK, and other future 1:12 Action Figures will be able to pilot this bad boy from the inner cockpit of this big boy mech suit.

A very special companion OG Red 1:12 TEQ63 Action Figure will also be available for this release!

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Información adicional

Peso 3 kg
Dimensiones 20 × 20 × 15 cm