*Available: JANUARY – 2022

Envío gratis en toda la república mexicana.

Artist: @ Dondi Fernandez

Bunny Wabbit spawned from a lab catastrophe where they are developing human genetic enhancement serums. He was a pet of Dr. Phoenix’s son. One day Dr. Phoenix’s family decided to visit him in his lab to take a tour. His son, John was carrying his bunny and decided to wander around the lab until they discovered the huge tank where all the serum was being mixed. John’s curiosity led them to the upper level to see what’s mixing inside the tank. Out of fear, his bunny jumped out and then accidentally fell into the vat. John tried to save his bunny but he also fell in. The tank overloaded and then eventually exploded and revealed a mutated creature, a mix of human and rabbit. With superhuman strength, speed and agility, he then became a crimefighter, a superhero called Bunny Wabbit.

12″ Tall Vinyl Art Toy
Packaging: Printed Box, Carton Box
Accessories: 1 x Numbered Certificate Authentication
Limited Edition: 333 Pieces Worldwide
Estimate Shipping Date: JANUARY 2022
**Production time is subject to the actual situation. Shipping dates are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed.
You acknowledge that you have read and confirmed the above information when you place the order.

* The dates can change without previous notice, this is by disposition of the brand.


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